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Go to the campaign page (If you do not know any, Google to find some), and fill up the details to sign up with respect to the campaign that you want to start. And get written permission (atleast over email) from the governing body or the respective person in-charge before starting.

Example Campaign Page contents:


Title: Gift an Education… Make a Life

  • Why Support Project Kalpavriksh Society?

PKS provides high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. They adopt a nurturing & holistic approach to education, helping children realize their full potential. Your donation will go 100% towards scholarships to needy children.

  • Why Donate?

Education is the only ladder that we could provide to raise these underprivileged rural children from poverty. For most of these children their only good meal of the day is at school. Many learn how to use a toilet and other aspects of personal hygiene only at school. The schools transform almost every aspect of a child’s life & parental attitudes to education as well, while preserving and enhancing awareness of their local culture. Please donate to make a difference…. to make a life.

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