Mission SEM

Mission SEM focusses on channelizing thoughts, opinions and ideas, that instil a sense of social responsibility, through all forms of media be it the print, vocal, static visual or the motion picture. In the modern digital world, we are surrounded by abundant information that reach us through various forms of media but most of these fail to make a positive impact on our lives.

Mission SEM, (where SEM stands for Socially Educative Media) ensures that the ideas and thoughts conveyed through media (in every form) is socially educative and serves as a catalyst for the change that we wish see in our society.

The days of social media being seen as just social media are over. Social media is a user seeking out knowledge he or she wants – it is a direct connection to the knowledge someone thirsts for.

This mission brings together the socially educative content in every media and makes sure that the content reaches the people thus providing a platform for the content-creators to exchange their opinions and ideas and discuss what is best for the society through the infinite perspectives because social back and forth between like-minded peers always builds great knowledge.

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