Mission Sehath

The need to be health conscious has suddenly hit the roads as the new trend. But this is something that had been integrated into our culture and society since ages. Health consciousness is about expanding as we are experiencing life. The health related awareness and the other measures that need to be heeded to, are implemented by the Mission Sehath.

 It canopies all issues related to health and the implementation of measures to look after the same in all its manifestations. The agenda of this mission includes deportation of the members of the society to various zones, targeting specific sections of the society and educating them about the respective problems faced by them and providing them solutions through health camps, psychological rehabilitations and other appropriate use of resources.

 Mission Sehath is implemented through experts and specialists in the domain who make sure efficient and productive strategies are implemented to bring out the best possible impact on the lives and lifestyle of all sections of people in the society.

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