Mission Dhwani

There is a dire need to work with the projects to create awareness and advocate Protection of Consumer interest, Crime & Safety, Human Rights, Labour, Peace, Security and Communal Harmony, Population, Justice and Law, Right to Information and Culture.

Mission Dhwani has much to do with championing the rights of society’s most vulnerable members, from children to homeless people to the physically disabled by employing a full range of techniques for advocacy and also by harnessing the power of the Internet to network with others to affect change.

Mobilizing resources, public opinion, interacting with agencies whose responsibilities are to serve the needs of vulnerable populations are ways Mission Dhwani adopts to defend the rights of individuals, communities and society at large through active participation in the political process. Whether concerned about an individual’s needs or social policy reform, Mission Dhwani aims at being the voice for change and social justice.

PKS hopes to have immense knowledge in a substantive area of social welfare policy and effectively advocate for clients on a range of level and thus participates in a citizen advocacy project through Mission Dhwani which would be suitably designed to combat social and economic injustice; engage in lobbying, organizing and /or legislative change efforts; empower individuals, groups or communities to advocate for social change; and also participate in an advocacy project in the field placement setting.

Contact us regarding the opportunities that are currently available by filling up this form.

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