Mission Awaken

Mission Awaken is a project undertaken to create all types of awareness programmes that are very essential in our day to day lives.

This mission targets all sections of the society in separate or collective programs employing all the possible techniques to instil a sense of awakening in the minds of the recipients.

The multi-perspective knowledge of every situation and fact is the need of the hour and this enables an inner awakening and thus bringing out consciousness in all actions and making them meaning full.

PKS Team brings out program curriculums that are based on unbiased factual and statistical data suitably interpreted, represented and portrayed to all sections of the society in the most easy and understandable form corresponding to the targeted section.

Through Mission Awaken PKS aims to influence lives positively and provide them the capacity to take conscious and informed decisions that aim at the common good.

Contact us regarding the opportunities that are currently available by filling up this form.

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  1. Willie

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